Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor of Fridley Focus


I am one of the founders of the Fridley Communications Workshop, also known as ETC 33.  I have been involved with ETC since it began in a video class in early 1975.  Recently there have been a couple articles in the Fridley Focus about ETC, public access, and the request for proposal (RFP) the city issued concerning operating public access. 

There are few points I would like to make concerning this on-going dialog.  First, the article in the July 8th issue listed Lisa Hutchinson as an employee of ETC.  Lisa is not nor never has been an employee of ETC.  Lisa has worked in public access and understands its dynamics. 

Second, representatives of the city have never offered to sit down and talk straight about what they want public access to be or problems they say they have had with ETC.

Third, they unceremoniously dismissed ETC, a non-profit volunteer organization that has served Fridley for over twenty-four year, with disregard to these years of service.

Finally, since the ETC response to the RFP must not have been clear enough for the council, let me put it bluntly, ETC has no interest is operating public access in the city of Fridley.

I hope this puts an end to this on-going dialog.

Good luck citizens of Fridley.  ETC is alive and well at ETC33@org.

Current Board of Directors member
Mark Neuman-Scott

The only way to make sure people you agree with can speak is to support the rights of people you don't agree with.
Eleanor Holmes Norton 1937- , Delegate to Congress representing the District of Columbia