Channel 12
Remember ETC 12, the first public access channel in Minnesota?  Do you miss those wonderful programs shown on Channel 12?  Our librarian, The Unknown DJ, has been down in his basement dusting off those old 3/4" and VHS tapes.  We are rebuilding Channel 12 right here on the site.  Here are some links to those old shows to get you started.  Streaming video!  Isn't it wonderful? -

Recent postings:

Nightmare High School II – "Ben's Revenge"

The Thorrazine Shuffle – a song about mental health

Tight Line with Dr. Sphincter – the doctor is in

Easy Ernie’s Painting Show - painting on a table-saw blade

A-Bomb Klatte congrats to Wild Bill

Microwave X “Dog Gone” - Ray Urness makes food you might now want to make 

The Banana Killer Only Knocks Twice  - kids and a camera = mystery

Bob Sisel’s After Hours -  the comedy series presents several comics

Creative Gourmet Cooking - ah, ya, a cooking show... what did you think it would be?

James Bond Jr. kids' take on the world famous British spy

Channel 12 library archives:

The 1986 TOUR OF ETC - tour the ETC facilities.

The Making of "In Focus" - "In Focus" was a news/features program.  This is a behind the scenes look at the making of.

Dance of the Jabbas Jabba and friends tiptoe fantastic.

Egg Salad Hill - Tabletop Theatre presents the battle for Egg Salad.

BBQ X cooking outside like you have never known.  Any BBQ is a party!
BBQ X #1 -  BBQing in a 50 gallon drum on the shores of Lake Superior
BBQ X #2 - feeding a mob of zombies, firing up on the porch
BBQ X #3 - a pile of steaks, the porterhouse, sirloin, t-bone

The Plumbicon Movie - before there was Spinal Tap there was the Plumbicons, video's first rock band. 

eXXtra - presents local Twin Cities bands: The Shout, Ipso-Facto, 3 Below, Semantics, CTO, Metro All Stars, The Oh’s, The Babysitters, The Mofos and Obsession.  Twin Cities music scene...
The Best of eXXtra - The Oh's, Ipso-Facto, Obsession and more...
The eXXtra Collection - The Shout, 3 Below, The Semantics and more...
The Clams - previously unreleased footage of the entire Clams concert performed at Stillwater Prison from 1987.  Hutch would like to dedicate this one to my late great friend Howard McClish. 
*contains adult language
The Oh's - eXXtra concert
The Mofos - eXXtra concert
The Phones - eXXtra concert
The Babysitters - first eXXtra concert in 1985
3 Below - eXXtra concert

Uncle Ernie's TNT True Adventures - a national public access legend. (Sorry Uncle Ernie bookmarks and other offers are not available.  Uncle Ernie is no longer with us.)
Episode 78-11 - on the farm
Episode 79-3 - families
Episode 84-3 - a play
Episode 84-11 - puppet show

A Crisis For Democracy - "Corruption in Government" episode the Kennedy assassination, the CIA and drug smuggling, Reverend Moon, Low-Intensity conflict and other conspiracies from Ground Zero Minnesota

Talk Is Cheap - this week's guest Paul Scheele - part 2 of Learning Strategies -

"A Christmas Blood Bath" - by L.Ray I hope you enjoy it :)

Laird Brooks Schmidt - was producer of "Schmidt On Everything".  Laird is no longer with us.  R.I.P.

Schmidt It On - Laird Brooks Schmidt knows it all...
Schmidt On Everything
- more Laird, episode #15

Check back we will keep adding those shows you loved from the Channel 12 basement library.  These programs are an archive of the history of public access television.

thanks to Hutch & the Unknown DJ

The Communications Workshop - Channel 12 …

You have been lucky enough to stumble across the Communications Workshop web site and Channel 12.  We know ourselves as ETC 33, Everyone's Television Channel.  Back in 1975 through 2001 we operated public access in the city of Fridley, Minnesota.  But you can find out more about our history by clicking ABOUT ETC 33

Our first channel was 12.  We are rebuilding the channel with some of our original programs.  The ETC librarian, The Unknown DJ, has been carefully storing all the programs from our many years of programming the public access channel in Fridley, Minnesota in his climate controlled basement.  He literally has thousands of video tapes down there,  safeguarding the history of public access programming.

Welcome to Channel 12, our new "channel" in cyber space.  Pick a show and spend some time watching public access television.

The Workshop still lives by our original beliefs: freedom of speech, education, presenting ideas and having fun.

Don’t be shy, start watching!  And, be an activist!  Don't let BIG MEDIA take away your voice, camera or rights!  Speak up!

Freedom of speech is protected in the
First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all Americans.  Be an activist.  Protect your right to Freedom of Speech.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead 1901-1978, anthropologist