About ETC

ETC 33 will strive to create an environment to assist the world of human beings in the following ways:
1)    Promote and protect the use of free speech;
2)    Inform and educate members of the world community of the potential communication benefits that public access and Cyber Space can provide to all human beings;
3)    Provide direction to training, education and technical assistance that will help “users” of ETC33.org and members of ETC realize the potential of the various mediums as a source of noncommercial communication;
4)    Provide a resource center for information, educational materials, programming and equipment;
5)    Serve as a receiving, holding and disbursing entity for monies intended for use of our mission.

- The History of Fridley Public Access - by Paula Neuman-Scott
- For Your Information -
by Todd Lindberg
- What Happened to My Favorite Channel? - from the Board
- Letter to the Editor - by Mark Neuman-Scott


ETC 33 the Workshop (aka Fridley Communications Workshop) is composed of a Board of Directors, staff, “users” and membership.  Committees may be appointed as necessary for the fulfillment of the ETC 33 mission.

ETC 33 was incorporated in 1975 as a non-profit 501(c) 3 educational organization in the state of Minnesota and known as the Anoka County Communications Workshop.


Become a member and support our mission.  If you just want to make a donation to keep us in Cyber Space that would be great.   No amount is too small.  Memberships and donations will help spread the public’s collective voice about the paramount importance of our Freedom of Speech rights. 

Regular Membership                        $6.00 per year
Student/Senior Membership             $5.00 per year
Organizational Membership              $30.00 per year

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Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. 
Salman Rushdie 1948-, Indian-born British Author